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Peta's Favourite Products
Paint, Acrylic and Mediums

For quite a few years now I have been using the Derivan Matisse

range of acrylic paints, along with mediums, gesso and more.

It took years of trying other brands to determine the product that

was perfect for my art practice. 


I am very excited to announce I have teamed up with Derivan to

offer a discount to my followers and visitors to my website.


If you want to save 20% on selected Derivan products follow the links below and use this code at the checkout. 

This includes mostly the Derivan products that were available at Spotlight. Now available online and direct from Derivan.

All the acrylics, watercolour and oils (Excludes Matisse Range)

Link for Derivan Mediums

Link for Facepaint

Code to use is PT20%  Valid until Dec 31st

Masking Tape
It is suggested that the blue or green tape be used for
hard edge paintings, however, in my experience and
after extensive testing I have found them to be too rigid
for use on canvas. They may be acceptable on a hard
surface like a wall (why they exist) or perhaps wood,
but almost always bleed on canvas.
The tape I recommend is the cheapest masking tape you
can find as it is thinner, flexible and more suitable to use
on canvas. With the correct application it can produce a
totally bleed free result. 
The tape I use is from my local Mitre 10 store and it is the only one I will recommend.

I am yet to find a canvas brand  I would exclusively recommend as much of my selection is based on sales and availability.

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