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Time for a Catch up


I hope you are well, or at least happy to be reading one of my very irregular blogs.


Autumn is a wonderful time of the year and I have been having some fun with the aerial footpath photography. The following photos were taken with my iPhone 12 and perfectly represent this time of the year in Melbourne.

2022. Iphone 12 photo with digital enhancement,

2022. Iphone 12 photo with no enhancement.


I am continuing to add to my collection of footpath aerial photography, which started during the lockdowns of 2020. To celebrate my favourite images from 2021 I am having a book printed.

If you want to view the ebook click on this link (best viewed on a desktop or tablet).

While there is no obligation to buy the small 20cm x 20cm hard cover book the option is there and the site does have 60% off for first time customers. I took advantage of that!

If you want to see my aerial footpath photos from 2022, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest for regular posts.


Although I will be pushed for time I have decided to enter 3 pieces in the Incognito Art Show in Sydney and these are the digital mockups that I created. It has given me something to do with my foot elevated and iced, while recovering from a sprained ankle.

I chose very iconic landmarks in Sydney and hope that you can identify each of them.

I plan to paint and collage each of the pieces onto the A5 card that I was sent.

Each piece at Incognito Art Show is displayed without the artists name and at a price of $100. Once purchased the buyer discovers the artists name and their details.

I will post more about the collages on my social media accounts.


It has been a year since I started studying Fine Art at Curtin University and I am proud to say that I have managed to get through the first year of units with either Distinctions or High Distinctions. I have learned so much about art history and more importantly about myself and my practice. The units I am close to finishing this term have been a challenge, however, one in particular has been very interesting. I am currently working on the deconstruction and reconstruction of everyday objects and I chose to work with dolls.

This is the before shot of the three cute little dolls I bought.

Heads separated from the bodies and stripped of hair and eyes.

111 separate parts, excluding the dress fabric and hair.

I look forward to sharing the finished reconstructed creation in my next blog. I'm thinking of focusing on a horror, ugliness factor.

That brings me to the end of this catch up and I want to wish you well and let you know that I will be back at some random time in the future.

Bye for now, Peta.

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Great to see what you have been up to Peta. I hope the ankle is on the mend! xo

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