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Updates and Exciting things

While I tried to blog earlier, I think I had enough excuses not to.

Since my last blog, I had my 50th birthday, and one of my least favourite gifts was my hubby catching COVID and sharing it with me. Although he was well within a few days, I was not. It took me nearly four weeks to feel slightly normal. This impacted on my study and daily routines, but I managed to complete my units and am awaiting my final results.

If you haven't already seen it on social media, all three of my artworks at Incognito sold.

One of the buyers took the time to tell me how happy they were with their purchase.


The vinyl record painting I mentioned in my previous blog was finished and I wanted to share a few photos of the process.

Lots of gesso layers and sanding to smooth out the rough surface were required to achieve the hard edge results that I was looking for.

The finished record, including silver leaf, scratched like a favourite record.

I attended the opening night at the Bendigo Hospital and had a great time meeting some of the artists.

I recently participated in an exhibition with MAVA Inc., the organisation I founded. The theme was flowers; at first, I wasn't going to submit anything; however, I managed to create a drawing based on the Perrenial Border at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Each flower in the mixed media piece is planted in that garden bed. The colours used are relevant to those particular flowers. The aerial view includes the footpaths in that part of the gardens.

Ink and acrylic on 300gsm Arches Paper

Another exhibition I was a part of called for artworks with an element of surrealism. One of my submissions was No.7 to Oxford Circus. This piece had been partly painted for at least two years, and I had thought I would never finish it. I am so glad I did. It is now available in my shop. My favourite part is the red bus!

No.7 to Oxford Circus - Acrylic on Canvas


I have recently completed two more units and have just started two more towards my Fine Arts degree. I am super proud of my results, determination to finish, and how much I am learning and can put into my existing art practice.

The paintings I had to do were loads of fun, and I thought I would share a few of my favourites.

Acrylic on A4 canvas paper

Watercolour with digital enhancement on 300gsm Arches Paper


October 20 is the date of my next solo exhibition, and this one is the one I am most excited about. It will be a fusion of Aphantasia, aerial views and a selection of my favourite buildings across Melbourne. The basic concept is dark backgrounds to represent what I see in my mind, with parts of the roads of the selected location filled with patterns, shapes and the colours of the architecture. It may seem complex, but the paintings are quite the opposite. Here are some images for one of the pieces to give you an idea of the concept. I started with the map from Google Maps, then visited the location and took notes of architectural features, including shapes, colours, and patterns. I then created a digital mockup of what it could look like. By combining all this information, I will have a painting that looks very much like the digital mock up.

I have left my most exciting news to last!

I have been selected as a finalist in the 20th Maritime Art Prize & Exhibition for my painting that fitted the theme of ‘The Relationship of Humanity to the Sea". The painting that I submitted was "Saving Lives on Bondi", and it will certainly stand out in a room of what I expect will be more traditional works of art on display.

I look forward to sharing more in my next blog and will do my best to keep you updated more frequently.

Until next time, stay safe, smile often and keep looking down for inspiration.

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