York Street Hemp (triptych)

York Street Hemp (triptych)


20cm x 25cm each

Acrylic on canvas with a hard edge textural element

Ready to hang


A few years ago we visited family in Sydney and I remember one particular day out when our son decided that he wanted to look at some expensive clothes. They were a little more high end than I usually look at but he was determined to find something to take home. This is the nearest intersection to that location, which was the corner of Market Street and York Street in the Sydney CBD.⁣ ⁣ And for those of you that were wondering - he did find and bought something. It was a long khaki T-shirt made of hemp. Very cool indeed. He later got tired of it and I now wear it! It was too good to get rid of!⁣


Canvas is 3.5cm thick and the paint has been continued on the sides so framing is not necessary.


Each piece is signed on the front and is authenticated on the back.