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Episode 3

Welcome to episode 3. This week we delve into the importance of building a community around you as a creative as well as getting your networking game on. To kick it off, we chat about how we met each other (though our memory is a bit hazy on the details). 

But what else? Well, just how important is it to have a supportive community as an artist? What are the benefits and are there any downsides? We look at how it will help but how it may also hinder the creative process. How does networking help? And is it really about who you know?

As always we go off on a tangent and also bring into the conversation some quick thoughts on what it means to copy other artists and the joys of social media (no sarcasm intended).


We also mention MAVA Inc., a not-for-profit artists association to support other Melbourne and Victorian artists. If you would to find out more about MAVA Inc. head to

Finding a supportive community to help you on your creative journey can seem daunting and a little scary but for us it has been 100% worth it. In many ways. If you are at the start of your creative journey or just need some extra support, reach out to us. We’re more than happy to connect and chat all things art and life.

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Episode 2

This week we chat all things study (and spelunking). As we’re both studying Fine Art, this seemed only fitting.

Is studying really necessary? What kind of impact has it had on us personally and in our creative practice? What are the ins and outs of studying and what are the payoffs? We discuss all of it in this episode.

Episode 1

It’s finally here! Our first episode has landed! It’s got more laughter than necessary, and a lot of random banter.


Think of this as ‘a getting to know us a bit more' kind of episode. It’s us hilariously fumbling our way through with the aid of a highly unplanned script.

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