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Our Day in Paris

Our Day in Paris


Size 61cm x 91.5cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Ready to hang


An aerial view of a section of Jardin des Tuileries in Paris.

December 2019 was my first overseas trip. This is my memory of the day we spent walking from the Louvre to the Arc de Triumph and then to the Eiffel tower. The start of the day was cold, wet and quite miserable, but as we approached the gardens the sun broke through the clouds. Everything was so bright and although cold, was a most memorable day of our trip.


The surface is very flat with hard edges and touches of gold. It represents the embellishments on the wrought iron fences and statues we discovered along the way. The gold leaf brings a little class and sparkle to the work.


The map is oriented to North and approximately to scale.


The painting is continued around the sides of the canvas.


Signed on the front and authenticated on the back.