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Finalist in the Maldon Landscape Prize 2023


60 cm diameter


Mixed Media on Board

Ready to hang


Overwhelmed is a mixed media artwork on wooden board, where I have attempted to tell the story of how Aphantasia, a condition that renders my visual memories blank, affects my life. My memories become a series of facts about feelings, occurrences, patterns and colours. Overwhelmed is based on my limited recall of the Flinders Street and Swanston Street intersection. Along with the limited memories, facts and a 30 year cartographic career I captured the essence of place. To record the ephemeral nature of my memories I have used charcoal, while adopting ink and acrylic to portray the facts.

Acrylic hard edge base with charcoal, conté, graphite and ink detail.


The map is oriented to the North.


The painting is continued around the sides of the canvas.


Signed on the front and authenticated on the back.


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