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View in Blue

View in Blue


58 x 66 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Ready to hang


From the 2022 Top Views exhibition.


Located at 500 Elizabeth Street, Vision Apartments were constructed by The Brady Group. The large block was originally a 150-year-old hotel bought in 2008 for 11.8m. The Brady Group project cost $400-500 million and was completed in 2016.


The building consists of more than 500 apartments at a total height of 223m. How the developer got away with building fewer basement car park levels than in the original plan, I don't know.


The white lines remind me of a ruler or measuring tape, and the wave brings an organic element to an otherwise cold, modern shape.


The map is oriented to the North.


The painting is continued around the sides of the canvas.


Signed on the front and authenticated on the back.


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