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Vintage Memories

Vintage Memories


50 x 50 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Ready to hang


From the 2022 Top Views exhibition.


Scape is a 42-story high rise located at 393 Swanston Street. It provides student accommodation for RMIT University and was designed by Melbourne architects,  Denton Corker Marshall. They designed many iconic structures in Melbourne including Webb Bridge, Melbourne Gateway, Melbourne Exhibition Centre and more. The building was completed in 2022.


The pods remind me of the vintage plastic photo slides we watched via a projector in the 80s. 


When observing the building it is fun to see how the blinds at different heights alter the colour of each window.


The map is oriented to the North.


The painting is continued around the sides of the canvas.


Signed on the front and authenticated on the back.


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