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Bag Lady

December 1, 2019

Over the last few weeks I have been collaborating with Stockland to create designs for the Black Friday sales, on November 29, at The Pines Shopping Centre. Each design has been created digitally in Microstation, a high end drafting package that I have used for over 2 decades.

Three designs were created from dividing the shopping centre into 3 sections and created patterns to accentuate each shopping area. The final result reminds me of the patterns seen in Geological maps that I hand drew back in the late 80's, while studying Cartography⁣

The 4 hours spent at the centre watching the screen printing and chatting to shopper was a great experience. Shoppers had to spend at centre stores and present receipts to claim a bag of their choice. One shopper was so impressed with the bags that she spent enough to claim all three of them.

A big thanks to James from Machine Screen Printers for printing quality results, Kat from Stockland for the collaboration opportunity and Melisa Savickas for her time and the wonderful photos.

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