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Could've had a baby in that time!

Yes, you guessed it, it's been nine months since my last blog.

And no, I haven't been off exploring the world!

As usual, my blogging is the last on my list of things to do, and when it appears to be next, a hundred more important ones appear.

So, this will be a quick rundown of what has happened since December 2022.

My study has continued, and I even managed to do so well over Term 4 in 2022, that I was awarded a position on the Vice Chancellor's list. (I even had to find out what that meant, and I couldn't have been more proud of myself).

March was a busy month as I was organising the MAVA Inc. exhibition at the International Flower and Garden Show at the beautiful historical Exhibition Building. It was an honour to exhibit there, and we sold more than 25% of the artwork, which is way above the average of about 10%.

Another exciting part about March was that my cave drawing and the process I took to produce it was featured on the Aphantasia Network around the world. If you want to check it out here is the link.

My art process has been refined over the last six months, and I am now exploring how to tell my story and, in particular, how Aphantasia affects my recollection of geographic locations.

There are two pieces I would like to mention as they are similar in some ways while being slightly different in appearance.

The first one is my recollection of several visits to Flinders Street Station and its surroundings. As I have no visual memory of the visits, I have written what I can remember and added colours and patterns that I recall. So rather than visual memories, they are factual memories. The easiest way to describe the difference is that most people recall holidays visually, but they only know facts about events that occurred in history.

Overwhelmed has been submitted to the Maldon Landscape Art Prize and if it is selected, I will make the announcement on social media.

Overwhelmed, Mixed media on wooden board, 60cm diameter.

The other painting that I want to share has been recently uploaded to my website, and it showing throughout September in a MAVA Inc. exhibition called All1ance in Marysville.

Paddington Bear, Where are you? is my recollection of two days in Paddington, UK, in December 2019.

Paddington Bear, Where are you?, Mixed media on canvas, 91cm x 91cm.

Enlargement of details.

Enlargement of details.

So.. I have finally reached the part of the blog that I have been excited to share.

My mate, Avanthi and I have been busy recording episodes for our art podcast.

It is aptly called, That Art Podcast and it has extra A's coz, we are awesome and thought it was cool. Well, that's not the only reason. We added the extra A's because someone in the US thought of it before us. Fortunately, they only recorded one episode, and that was four years ago.

Anyway, my husband, Terence, created the spoken intro and music, and it is quite funny. He attempts to play the ukelele and gives us a "Sale of the Century" (for the oldies reading this) introduction. This was why we thought to add the extra A's in the name.

I would love you to have a listen and leave us some feedback on our Instagram account.

If you want to check out more details, head over to the Thaaat Art Podcast page, right here on my website.

And one more thing I want to share is that I had some of my aerial photos framed and one of them is in an exhibition. Who thought that I would be exhibiting photography?

Running Repairs, Digital photography on 300gsm Cotton Rag, 30cm, 30cm

I have almost shared everything, but want to save a few things for the next blog, which I hope will be soon, but as usual, I am not promising anything.

Until next time, stay well, be creative and remember to support the arts.

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