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Has it Been THAT Long?

I have been so busy I have just realised that it has been almost 6 months since my last blog.

So I will fill you in on a few things that happened since November of the "Year that didn't exist".

My entry, below, submitted in the Biblio Art Prize has sold and is now hanging on the wall of its new home.

A Life Rescued at Bancoora

The main reason I have been distracted is that I am now the full-time website manager of the art group I founded in 2019. Melbourne and Victorian Artists Inc. is now a not-for-profit art association and there has been a lot to organise.

The last few months is the first time in over 8 months I have had the time to resume my art practice in my studio. I have been working on a very large commission, which is now finished and now shipped to Sydney. If you hadn't already realised, it is Sydney Harbour. If you look closely you may see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The diptych measure 1 x 2 metres in total.

I will do my best to publish a monthly blog, or something close to that!

Be patient with me as I am one of those people that takes on a million tasks and sometimes those related to my art practice are given less priority. I can say I am working on some new pieces and may have some news to share in coming weeks.

Bye for now and remember to have a look at a map sometime.

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